Cornelia Beier

14372_089 - Arbeitskopie 2

“There is nothing insignificant in the world. It all depends on the point of view.”

Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

Cornelia Beier lives and works in Vienna and Prague and she’s ambitious in showing and “finding” the things behind the scenes. She loves to capture life moments with different views and perspectives. Special moments, which affect our heart and soul through new point of views and changing outlooks.

“Reflections in your mind” highlights the diversity of her work while emphasizing the contrasts and contradictions of our luxury world and our mind. Especially the shop window series is a reflection of views and personal imaginations all over the world. Every scenery is different and the light of the specific moment is the determining factor of the picture.

Born in Wuppertal, Germany, to a traditional family working in wine trade and food markets, Cornelia moved from Wuppertal to the art city Düsseldorf in 1989. It was during her first internship in 1981 that she met one of the greatest artists in Germany: Joseph Beuys. At that time Düsseldorf was an inspiring place for contemporary art and through her work with international advertising agencies she was inspired by how photography documented the changes in time and society. Beside her strategic work as an entrepreneur in health public relations and later health and life sciences she started with her own private photography in the middle of the 90s and collected more than 120.000 pictures with various topics. By dealing with prominent artists in her daily work she was inspired to work with the photographic art as well. Human perspectives and contemporary street photography are the focus of various series of her pictures. Her goal is to catch very special moments and to give space for personal emotions and fantasies.



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